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Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Horizons - Home Independent Study

Home Study is a voluntary alternative program whose teachers have offices in the administration building on the Pleasant Hill Education Center campus.  The program provides district oversight in the form of a credentialed teacher and curriculum to parents who choose to home school their students.  Teachers make home visits every other week to consult with parents and review work and grades.

Horizons - Center for Independent Study (CIS)

CIS is a voluntary alternative program housed on the Pleasant Hill Education Center campus.  It consists of 8 teachers whose assigned students meet with them weekly to turn in and discuss assignments and to receive new assignments.  The program provides textbooks for students and computers for students use.

Community College Coursework

There may be occasion for students to take a course at a local community college such as Diablo Valley College or Los Medanos College.  Typical circumstances might include for "advancement" (eg. in the math or world language pathways) or in order to enroll in a course that is not offered at Northgate (these are referred to as "original credit" courses).

Note:  only "original credit" courses can/will receive high school credit.  Please talk to your academic counselor for more information and to get the concurrent enrollment google form. 

Home and Hospital

The Home & Hospital school is a temporary program designed to help maintain a student’s academic standing during a time of illness or other temporary disability.  Students are entitled to a maximum of 5 hours per week of home instruction.  The teacher will be there at times agreed upon and at a minimum of up to 1 hour per day.  No sessions are allowed on holidays or weekends.  A responsible adult (18 years or older) must be present when the teacher is in the home.

Parents may apply for home instruction the first day their child is absent from school.  Students must have a medical or psychological condition, verified by a doctor’s signed authorization which requires the need for home instruction for a minimum of five days from the date of the doctor’s authorization.

College Now

Housed at Diablo Valley College, College Now students take a block of three high school courses taught by MDUSD teachers. College Now students will take the rest of their courses at DVC with other community college students and they will earn both high school and college credit for those DVC classes. Classes are chosen according to MDUSD graduation requirements as well as the interests and post-secondary plans of the student. Students choose their DVC classes with the help of a MDUSD high school counselor and a DVC college counselor.

The application process typically takes place in the Spring for classes beginning in August each year. Please talk to your high school counselor about eligibility requirements and application deadlines.