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Community College - Diablo Valley College

If you are interested in attending Diablo Valley College after high school, please visit the DVC website and register as a student. 

What's Next?

For more information regarding your post-secondary options, please check-out our College and Career Center website or schedule a meeting with our College and Career Advisor, Ms. Santos.

College Information

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College Application Documents

Counselors are responsible for:

  • Sending transcripts (9th-11th grade, 1st semester senior year, and final) 
  • Counselor letter of recommendation (if required)
  • Secondary School Report (if required)
  • Mid-Year Report (if required)
  • Final Report (if required)

Students are responsible for:

  • Adding all colleges to Naviance Colleges I'm Applying to List - this is required for counselors to send any documents!
  • Completing the Personal Data Form in Naviance and/or Counselor Recommendation Form, if required, at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Requesting SAT/ACT scores for each college via CollegeBoard or ACT
  • Submitting your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Completing college applications on time!
Letters of Recommendation

If you are applying to college, a summer program, or scholarship, you may be asked to provide one or more Letters of Recommendation.  There are a few things to consider before asking for a Letter of Recommendation:    

  • For college applications, please check each college admissions website to verify that a Letter of Recommendation is required or recommended, how many, who should write the letter, and the deadline 
  • California State Universities (CSUs) and University of California (UCs) DO NOT require a Letter of Recommendation (If a supplemental application is required for your intended major at one of these universities, you may be asked for a Letter of Recommendation

If you do need a Letter of Recommendation, consider the following process:

  • Ask your teacher and/or counselor personally if they are able to write you a Letter of Recommendation
  • Keep in mind that you should ask them at least two weeks in advance, if not earlier, as they receive many requests throughout the school year
  • Complete the Personal Data Form in Naviance (Located in the About Me tab) and/or the Counselor Recommendation Form (email your counselor for a link to their Google form) at least two weeks in advance.  In some cases, you may provide a resume. 
  • If the letter is for college admissions, submit a Letter of Recommendation request for your teacher and/or counselor in Naviance (Located in the Colleges tab)  
  • Letters of Recommendation for college admissions will be submitted through Naviance.  You must sign the FERPA waiver in Naviance before a teacher and/or counselor can upload their Letter of Recommendation!